The ITTF have developed its Strategic Plan with five strategic priority areas – Organisation & Governance, High Performance & Development, International Events, Promotion and Revenue. These five areas will be underpinned with 55 objectives to be achieved between 2018-2024. The Strategic Plan was unanimously endorsed at the 2018 ITTF Annual General Meeting.

Strategic Plan

The ITTF, with the support of Deloitte, have developed the ITTF Strategic and Operational Plan Guidance for Continental Federations document to assist each Continental Federation to further improve their strategy for the future of table tennis, and the ITTF will provide support for each continent to develop their Strategic Plan, and through the recent Strategic Investments will provide the necessary support to ensure professional staff can help to implement an Operational Plan.

Continental Strategic Plan

The ITTF Strategic and Operational Plan Guidance can be found here