Senior Management | Competition | Foundation | High Performance & Development | Marketing | Operations

Senior management


Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Dainton









Secretary General

Raul Calin








Chief Finance Officer

Michael Brown







Competition Director

Vicky Eleftheriade








Foundation Director

Leandro Olvech





High Performance & Development Director

Polona Cehovin








Marketing Director

Matthew Pound







Executive Assistant to the CEO

Iulia Necula









Head of World Championships & Continental Events – Mounir Bessah

Head of World Cups & ITTF Challenge – Zena Sim Kai Xin

Head of Para Table Tennis – Pablo Perez

World Tour Manager – Dimosthenis Messinis

Pan America Competition Manager – Freddy Almendariz

Results & Ranking Manager – Zoltan Bencsik

World Ranking Manager – Javier Angulo Luceron

Senior Competition Manager – Karl Jindrak

Competition Manager – Tiago Viegas

Competition Service Manager – Barry Goh


Head of Operations – Wiebke Scheffler

Field Programs Manager – Karine Teow

Field Programs Coordinator – Rowan Fajerman

High Performance & Development

Head of Education – Ramon Montes

Head of Continental Development – Nicholas Petit

High Performance Manager – Massimo Costantini

Continental Development Manager – Katarzyna Kubas

Africa Development Manager – Ramzi B.H Mabrouk

Asia Development Manager – Yelena Druzhkova

Pan America Development Manager – Carlos Manuel Esnard Bolanos

High Performance & Development Operations Manager – Dora Jeler-Koesters


Managing Director (Product Innovations) – Gordan Kaye

Head of Sponsorship – Kimberly Koh

Head of Sponsorship (China) – Xu Yi

Head of Media (Asia) – Zhou Dao

Asia-Pacific Marketing Manager – Raphael Chen

European Marketing Manager – Jonny Cowan

Pan America Marketing Manager – Gonzalo Barak

Veterans Manager – José Bentes Bentes

Sponsorship Operations Manager – Tessa Cho

Promotions Manager – Yang Caifeng

Content Manager – James Francis

Marketing Manager – Seet Cheng Howe

Creative Manager – Joachim Davy

Graphic Design Manager – Amanda Lam

Chinese Media Manager – Ding Jingmin

European Promotions Manager – Elena Dubkova

Creative Assistant – Maximilian Hofko

Website Editor – Anthony Marshall


Head of Operations – Jordi Serra

Regional Director (Latin America) – Jorge Herrera

Regional Director (North America) – Anton Kiesenhofer

IT Manager – Mohamed Dawlatly

Office Manager – Silvia Bernhard

Finance & Administrative Manager – Leah Guo Ruiling

Equipment Manager – Claudia Herweg

Museum Curator – Chuck Hoey

Program Manager – Emese Lovaine Barsai

Legal Counsel – Dylan Mah

Assistant to President – Claudia Vatheuer