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ITTF praised in Korea

Olympic Champion, RYU Seung Min (KOR)

The ITTF had another successful Olympic Games in Athens.

It is clear that the ITTF is on the right track and developing every year in every aspect; by renovating it's equipment (tables, rackets, racket blades, glue), and changing regulations and rules in order to make our SPORT more interesting and attractive to the spectators and the TV networks. The ITTF is developing rapidly in a very positive way.

ITTF Officials make it look easy

International Umpires in Athens

We read every day reports of unreasonable decisions and lack of flexibility in Olympic sports based on "strange" decisions from their officials. Luckily, table tennis is blessed with top level officials that have acted in the best interest of our sport and the Olympic Games, reinforcing the Olympic Spirit and sportsmanship.

A wise JURY in Athens

The Jury (L to R): Munivrana, Gillman, Delgado, Han, Hajem and Shanazi. (Aly Salam not in photo)

The success of the Athens Olympic Games table tennis event is no coincidence. It is due to the hard work and excellent preparations of our volunteer selected officials working in full harmony with our professional staff.

Dominican Discovery

LIN Ju in defensive mode

The contest between the attacker and the defender regularly draws gasps of admiration from awe struck spectators. Equally, the player who is the underdog, the one who comes from one of the world’s smaller nations, is not a regular at major international tournaments and performs well against the established stars, attracts the crowd’s attention. Combine the two scenarios and you have an athlete who people want to see compete; in Athens at the Olympic Games, such a player was in action, LIN Ju of the Dominican Republic

Royalty graces table tennis event in Athens

Adham SHARARA with Juan Antonio SAMARANCH in Athens

If the importance of an event could be measured by the visits of VIPs, then table tennis must be a great success. Juan Antonio SAMARANCH, former IOC President, Jacques ROGGE, current IOC President, and the King of Sweden are amongst those that honoured the table tennis competition in Athens with their presence.

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