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English (2016)
1.Constitution. Handbook (Release 2 March 2016)
2.The laws of Table Tennis. Handbook
3. Regulations for International Competition. Handbook (Release 3 September 2016)
4.Regulations for World, Olympic and Paralympic Title Competitions. Handbook
5.ITTF Anti-Doping Rules (Release 2 March 2016)
6.Regulations Against Illegal Betting and Corruption
7.Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures
8.Directives For Match Officials At World Title Competitions And ITTF Sanctioned Events
9.Code of Conduct on Sports Betting for Players and Officials
11.Annex 1
12.Annex 2 (Release 2 March 2016)
13. Annex 3 (Release 2 September 2016)

Click here to download the complete ITTF Handbook  (Release 3 September 2016)