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5/2/2010 ITTF Hello Future Conference Concludes in Barcelona
11/26/2008 Early Preparations for Bolivarian Games
11/26/2008 Positive Plans for Table Tennis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
11/25/2008 Small in Area, Big at Heart, El Salvador Sets the Tone
11/25/2008 Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All ITTF Development Programme Experts
11/21/2008 Table Tennis Rejuvenated in Samoa
11/13/2008 Need for Umpires Answered in Maldives
11/11/2008 Togo, Emerging from the Shadows into a Bright New Era
11/11/2008 The Table Tennis Family Ready to Welcome the Cayman Islands
11/8/2008 New Caledonia, Taking No Prisoners
11/6/2008 Colombia a Hive of Activity for Table Tennis
10/10/2008 Table Tennis Hits a High Note in Iceland
10/9/2008 Paraguayan Players Profit, Promoting Popularity, Participation Plus Planning
10/1/2008 Everything is Possible in Trinidad and Tobago
10/1/2008 Buenos Aires a Hive of Activity in the World of Table Tennis
9/24/2008 Economic Difficulties but No Lack of Enthusiasm in Niger
9/17/2008 Hurricanes and Devastation No Deterrent for Fearless Development Officer
9/3/2008 Belize, Putting Ideas into Practice with Inaugural Tournament
8/25/2008 Olympic Spirit Transported to Guyana
8/3/2008 A Positive Spirit Prevails in Peru
7/30/2008 Caribbean Motto Apt Description for Level One Course
7/29/2008 Tugging on Heart Strings, a Visit to Sichuan Province
7/23/2008 Puerto Natales Very Much on the Map
7/20/2008 Bon Voyage for Spanish Speaking Japanese Algae Expert
7/17/2008 Belize, Latest Recipient of Support from ITTF Development Programme
7/15/2008 Long Term Programme Sets Caribbean Islands on Right Course
7/15/2008 A Lesson for the Teachers Before the Show Begins
7/14/2008 Thirty Days in Cuba – The Past, The Present and the Future
7/14/2008 Dina Huapi a Small Town with a Big Heart and Great Willpower
6/25/2008 English Jamaican Style, an Education and an Irie Experience for Leandro Olvech
5/27/2008 A New Innovation for Famous German University
5/26/2008 A Successful First Eight Weeks in the Cook Islands
5/22/2008 Meteoric Progress and Exciting Times for Table Tennis in American Samoa
5/21/2008 Education Concludes the Busy Agenda at the Polish Olympic Centre
5/19/2008 Cetniewo Once Again the Scene for Intense Competition
5/16/2008 Polish Resort Opens Eyes and Promotes Greater Understanding
5/10/2008 Intensive Week for Paralympic Table Tennis in Cuba
5/1/2008 Cuba Setting the Example in Integration
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