OH Sangeun
  Nickname   Scottie Pippen
  Gender   Male 
  Assoc   KOR /
  Date of birth   04/13/1977 
  Place of birth   Daegu, Korea
  Height   1.88 m
  Weight   82 kg      180 lbs
  Profession   Table tennis player
  Hobbies   Computer games
  Major injuries   When I prepared a 2008 Beijing Olympic, I had a shoulder for ruptured tendons
  Languages   Korean
  Why did you choose Table Tennis?  
  Events Entered (OG 12)   Men's Singles and Men's Team
  International debut at senior level   1996
  Member of the national team since   1992
  Current coaches   KIM Taek Soo
  Club   KDB Daewoo Securities Tornaddo Table Tennis Team
  Right / Left hand   Right Hand
  Pen Holder / Classic   Classic
  Style of play   Offensive,   ,   ,   ,  
  Best ranking (since Jan 2001)   5 (Click here to check the WR of OH Sangeun)
  Current ranking   65
  Rubber forehand   Sponge  - Butterfly Tenergy 05
  Rubber backhand   Sponge  - Butterfly Tenergy 05
  Blade   Butterfly Special Make (All Wood)
  Major achievements   Stats Record

  Sporting philosophy/Mottootto

  General interests  
  Motto / Dream / Beside table tennis  
  Habits / Superstitions   Before the match, I used to do Image Training for Opposite player.

  Ambitions during and after your career

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