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Second Self-Funded Level One Course of the Year Welcomed in New York
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Studying the Manual 

06/22/2011        Photo By: Courtesy of Sydney Christophe

Conducted by Sydney Christophe, the second self-funded ITTF Level One Coaches Course of the year in the United States has made a most successful start.

Staged at weekends, matters commenced on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June and will conclude one week later Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June.

Also, it was the second such course that Sydney Christophe had conducted, the first being in his home country of Guyana.

Home for the course was the Brownsville Recreation Centre in Brooklyn, New York; a total of 15 coaches from throughout the United States attended.

The course follows the introduction of the ITTF Coach Accreditation System and ITTF Course Conductor Training Scheme in September 2010 when Glenn Tepper, ITTF Executive Director – Development Programmes, conducted the necessary courses at the United States Olympic Committee Headquarters in Colorado Springs.

Vibrant Community
“Brownsville Recreation Centre hosts a vibrant community of all nationalities in Brooklyn, in a lot of sports such as basketball, soccer, table tennis and swimming”, explained Sydney Christophe. “Last weekend table tennis was on display in a major way as coaches listened attentively and participated actively in the sessions with persons from the centre watching on from the outside of the gym.”

Certainly table tennis attracted the attention of onlookers and the sport would seem to be in a healthy state in the area.

Large Membership
“According to President of the Brownsville Strikers Table Tennis Club, John Duncan and Vice President Leroy King, both of whom attended the course, the club has over 120 members from all ages and the players practise thrice weekly”, continued Sydney Christophe. “Present on the course also was Mieczyslaw Suchy a top 10 ranked player in the New York State, Mieczyslaw is originally from Poland where he said that one of his students managed to gain a medal at the European Youth Championships.”

Experienced Students
Furthermore, there were others course members with notable table tennis experience.

“Paul David, a national player from Guyana, who coaches at Spin New York, was present”, continued Sydney Christophe. “Also, there was Muhammad Pirzada, a leading coach for the American Youth Table Tennis Organization and Michael Henry, a former national player from Jamaica plus Nelson Gore who travelled all the way from Massachusetts, Boston to attend the course.”

Came to Learn
All came to learn.

“Nelson said that he has been coaching for over twenty years and his main reason for attending is that he wants to become a better coach”, continued Sydney Christophe.

No doubt that goal will be achieved thanks to the efforts of Sydney Christophe and the materials available from the ITTF Development Department; material that has been well received.

Praise for ITTF Development Programme
“On Saturday the coaches were given a welcome talk by American Youth Table Tennis Organization’s Director, Ben Nisbet, who spoke of future partnerships and collaborations with his organization and the coaches”, concluded Sydney Christophe. “He was high in praise of the programme of the International Table Tennis Federation of spreading table tennis at the grassroots level.”

The course continues the following weekend at the same venue and with Sydney Christophe as the Course Conductor.

Sydney Christophe addresses the course members at the Brownsville Recreation Centre

Photo courtesy of Sydney Christophe

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