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Information about the Eligibility Rule
By: Jordi Serra / Marius Widmer

The members of the ITTF Executive Committee. 

10/13/2008        Photo By: Rémy Gros

From 1st September 2008 the new rule for players’ eligibility is in force. The rule applies only to ITTF World Title events, specifically the World Table Tennis Championships, the World Junior Table Tennis Championships and the World Cups (Men, Women and Team).

The following text will provide you with the wording of the rule accepted by the ITTF Board of Directors on 29th February 2008 and will clarify some frequently asked questions.

The Exact Wording
The wording of the new rule is as follows:

In addition to the provisions of 3.8 (the general rule of eligibility) players being eligible to represent an association other than the one they intend to represent, shall register with the ITTF, through this new association.

Such players shall not represent the new association before:
- 3 years after the date of registration, if the player is under the age of 15 when registered;
- 5 years after the date of registration, if the player is under the age of 18 but at least 15 years of age when registered;
- 7 years after the date of registration, if the player is under the age of 21 but at least 18 years of age when registered.

Players being 21 years of age or older will not be registered with the ITTF and will not be eligible to represent a new association at World Title events.

Three Steps for Registration
From 1st September 2008 all the players under 21 years wishing to represent a new association should register using the following system:

1. An original letter on the letterhead of the Federation and signed by the President of the Association (or Secretary General or Executive Director) requesting the registration of the player must be sent to:

ITTF Headquarters
Chemin de la Roche 11
1020 - Renens (Switzerland)

2. The letter must contain the following information about the player:
- Player’s name
- Former name (if any)
- Gender
- Full address (of the player)
- Date of birth
- Place of birth (city)
- Country of birth
- Residence in the new country since:
- Current nationality
- Previous nationality
- Date of change of nationality
- Date of validation
- Date of and location of last representation at a World Title event (which one and when)
- Date and event of last representation of another association other than at World Title event

3. A photocopy of the new passport. It shall be sent to the ITTF Headquarters as follows:
- by e-mail attachment (scanned letter and scanned passport relevant page) / followed by originals in the mail
- by fax / followed by originals in the mail
- by courier
- by registered mail

An online system on the ITTF website ( will be available in due time as well as a list of all registered players.

Implementation of the Rule
Regarding the implementation of this rule, the Executive Committee decided in Paris at its meeting on 11th and 12th October that a player who has obtained nationality before 1st September 2008, and that was otherwise eligible to represent a new association by the rule in effect
immediately before 1 September 2008, would maintain the eligibility and would not be subject to the new rule.

All the players in the above situation should also be registered with the ITTF following the mentioned procedure. All the requests received during September and October 2008 will be exceptionally registered as received on 1st September 2008.

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