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ITTF Coach Accreditation
By: Glenn Tepper ITTF Deputy CEO



The ITTF introduced a new system of Coach Accreditation in English in 2004 and in French and Spanish in 2005. The ITTF Level 1 Coaching Manual formed the basis, containing syllabus and course material for:

  • Community Leader Course-3 hour
  • School Teacher Course-6 hour
  • Club Coach Course-12 hour
  • ITTF Level 1Course-24 hour
  • All courses are cumulative.

Community Leader, School Teacher and Club Coach are “participation” courses only, meaning attendance is the only requirement for certification, and there is no formal testing or evaluation. As such these courses are not officially recognized by the ITTF as a coaching qualification.
 ITTF Level 1 is the first level officially recognized by ITTF and has the following requirements:

  • Attendance at 24 hour course conducted by an ITTF approved Course Conductor
  • 10 minute Coaching Practical presentation during the course.  A “PASS” is required to be eligible for ITTF Level 1
  • After the course, 30 hours coaching practice must be completed. This coaching practice should be predominantly group coaching benefiting the table tennis community or junior or school groups.
  • From the 30 hours coaching practice, 5 hours must be supervised by the ITTF Course Conductor or  a person appointed by the ITTF Course Conductor. This supervisor evaluates each coach using the “Confidential Coaching Report”  [pages 299-301 of the ITTF Level 1 Manual] This must be approved by the ITTF Course Conductor, who provides the certificates if all requirements are met.

 In 2007 IPTTC has developed an optional additional 6 hours for “athletes with disabilities” in English.
 Coaches that complete the additional 6 hours will be ITTF + IPTTC Level 1 Coaches.
 If a coach attended the ITTF Level 1 Course but failed any of the requirements, the Club Coach certificate will be awarded.
 Coaches receive only one certificate [the highest for which they are eligible].
 Community Leader, School Teacher or Club Coach are presented immediately after the course for those coaches ineligible for ITTF level 1.
 ITTF Level 1 are presented at a later date once requirements are met.
 [This is to ensure only those that actually coach and have been evaluated receive ITTF accreditation]
 ITTF Level 2,ITTF Level 3 and ITTF High Performance will be available from 2008 when the “ITTF Advanced Coaching Manual” is completed.

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