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Graduation in Record Time, High Flying Fremont Students in Fast Lane
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Christian Lillieroos explains his point  Photo By: Shashin Shodhan


Situated in the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States, Fremont was the home for an ITTF Level Two Coaches Course from Sunday 16th to Friday 21st June 2013.

Organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme, the course was conducted by Christian Lillieroos, a member of the Board of the United States Table Tennis Association and a person who has held many high level coaching roles.

It was the first such course to be staged since the visit of Philippe Molodzoff, last November; on that occasion the author of the ITTF Level Two Coaches Manual, led an ITTF Level Two Course Conductor Course.

Attended One Year Earlier
A total of nine students attended, all being members of the ITTF/PTT Level One course staged almost exactly one year ago in Fremont under the direction of Christian Lillieroos.

Impressively, of the 16 coaches who participated in the course one year ago, 14 have already passed all certification requirements to become ITTF/PTT Level One Coaches.

Minimum Time
“It is the minimum time gap that a fully certified ITTF Level One coach can take part in an ITTF Level Two course”, stressed Christian Lillieroos. “This course was self-funded by the participants and everyone worked very hard; some coaches started reading the Advanced Manual two months in advance of the course.”

The time gap could not have been less.

Boom Time in San Francisco Area
“Most of the coaches who attended the course are full time professional coaches in the booming San Francisco area”, continued Christian Lillieroos. “So with all that hard work it was not a real big surprise that all coaches passed the course, with three of them eligible to continue to ITTF Level Three; notably, all coaches made comments that Level Two was a big step above Level One especially on the technical side.”

Unquestionably, there is a new found enthusiasm in the area for table tennis.

A practical session ready to start under the guidance of Christian Lillieroos
Photo by Shashin Shodhan

Full Time Centre
“Fremont Table Tennis Academy is a full-time centre, holding its second ITTF Coaching course and will hold its third course later in August this year”, added Christian Lillieroos. “The Academy has a big junior programme led by Head Coach and course organizer, Shashin Shodhan, who was one of the three who passed with a high enough score in the exams to be ready to continue to Level Three.”

Success for Shashin Shodhan, he was able to appreciate the necessary requirements to succeed; for some it was more difficult.

Appreciating Technical Knowledge
“The biggest work for the coaches was to understand and organize proper drills for the different technical goals”, explained Christian Lillieroos. “Being situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, where almost everyone has a background in some science field, some coaches were very strong in the theory of Physiology and Psychology, other coaches had a very strong back ground in Engineering and enjoyed the biomechanical part of the course.”

Notably on course member was a Professor for Paramedics.

Not everyone could handle the hard theory part Photo by Shashin Shodhan

Excellent Results
“The results of the final exam were excellent: three coaches, 33 per cent, obtained a mark over 14, allowing them to attend the next ITTF level Three when their 50 hours of practical coaching will be made”, said Christian Lillieroos. “Four had a perfect score in the theory exam, the six other coaches, 67 per cent, obtained a mark between 10 and 15, giving them the ITTF Level Two Certificate after the 50 practical hours required have been completed.”

Meanwhile, for the coaches who were border-line; they attend another ITTF Level Two Course later in the year.

Vote of Thanks
“My thanks to the Fremont Table Tennis Academy and the USATT for the quality of facilities and the help with promoting the course”, concluded Christian Lillieroos. “I wish the best to USATT in the future and hope that I will have the pleasure to come back and see the improvement of the coaches in an ITTF Level Three course.”

No doubt he will; a most worthwhile course was delivered by a most experienced an successful coach.

The course members in Fremont with Christian Lillieroos back row, third from left
Photo by Shashin Shodhan



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