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Tense Duel Concludes Matters, Six Players Depart with Singles and Team Gold
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Two gold medals for Jan Riapos in San Diego  Photo By: Richard Xue


Matters concluded at the Mike Dempsey Memorial Para Table Tennis Tournament in the west coast American city of San Diego on Saturday 1st December 2012 with defeat for the host nation.

The partnership of Mitchell Seidenfeld and Daryl Sterling suffered a close three-two reverse at the hands of the Czech Republic pairing formed by Daniel Horut and Zbynek Lambert in the Menís Team Class 6-7 event.

Sadness for the hosts but quite the reverse for Daniel Horhut.

It meant that he was one of six players who departed with a brace of gold medals; success in both singles and team.

Select Group
A select group, the other members were Finlandís Matti Launonen, the Slovak Republicís Jan Riapos, Hungaryís Andras Csonka, the Czech Republicís Ivan Karabec and Japanís Takashi Takeda.

Singles Gold Medallists Joined Forces
Earlier in the proceedings, Matti Launonen and Jan Riapos had won the respective Menís Singles Class 1 and Menís Singles Class 2 titles; on the final day of play they joined forces to secure the Menís Team Class 1-2 title.

At the final hurdle they overcame the duo formed by Argentinaís Carlos Duarte and Mexicoís Gabriel Zaldivar.

The bronze medal went to the pairing of Brazilís Bruno de Paula and Great Britainís Oye Jemiyo, with the bronze medal in the Menís Team Class 6-7 event being clinched by the combination of Canadaís Maoud Mojtahed and Israelís Danny Bobrov.

Maintained Form
Equally, Andras Csonka maintained the form shown earlier in the week when he won the Menís Singles Class 8 title; as proceedings concluded he partnered Norwayís Andreas Aulie to success in the Menís Team Class 8-9 event.

The pair beat the host nationís Tahl Leibovitz and Chui Lim Ming in the final; the bronze medal went to Spainís David Alonso and Alvaro Valera. Earlier Alvaro Valera had won the Menís Singles Class 6 title, whilst Tahl Lebovitz had donned the Menís Singles Class 9 crown.

Success for Czech Reublic
Likewise Ivan Karabec won Menís Team Class 10 gold in harness with Karim Boumedouha of France, the player he had beaten one day earlier in the Menís Singles Class 10 final.

The pair overcame Chinese Taipeiís Ju Ren-Der and Lee Yao-Tang in the final, with the bronze medal finishing in the hands of the combination formed by Chinese Taipeiís Lu Wei-Chen and Samuel Huang from the United States.

Completing List
Completing the super six was Japanís Takashi Takeda; the winner of the Menís Singles Class 11 event.

He partnered colleague Yuki Kinoshita to Menís Team Class 11 gold. They overcame Polandís Kamil Baluszek and Damian Slocinski in the final; the bronze medal finished in the hands of Takashi Takemori and Naoki Matsumoto, also from Japan.

Chinese Taipei Gold
In the two remaining Menís Team events; Chinese Taipeiís Lee Ching-Fong and Lin Gow-Ching won the Menís Class Team Class 3-4 title with Koreaís Song Gu Young and Jun Ki Young being the silver medallists.

Bronze finished in the hands of Hu Sung-En and Wu Cheng-Sheng, also from Chinese Taipei.

Victory for Korea
Success for Chinese Taipei, in the Menís Team Class 5 competition it was success for Korea.

Jeon Tae Byeong and Kim Ki Young emerged as champions. Silver went to Israelís Liran Geva who partnered Norwayís Tommy Urhaug, with Argentinaís Gonzalo Acosta and Mauro Depergola securing the bronze medal.

Pan American Title
Meanwhile in the womenís events; the partnership of Brazilís Carollina Maldonado and Canadaís Stephanie Chan emerged successful in the Womenís Team Class 6-10 event, with Chinese Taipeiís Yen Wei-Ting and Tian Shiau-Wen being the silver medallists.

The bronze medal was won by the host nationís Jenny Beck and Sherri Umschied.

Two Medals for Japan
Gold for Pan America in Womenís Team Class 6-10; in Womenís Team Class 11 it was both gold and bronze for Japan

Maki Ito and Harumi Kimura finished in first place with Miko Morita and Ayumi Kawasaki in third spot; second place went to the outfit comprising Hong Kongís Wong Pui-Kei and Polandís Moniko Dobko.

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