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Top Marks for the United States of America, New Level Reached in Colorado Springs
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Philipper Molodzoff conducts a practical session  Photo By: Courtesy of Richard McAfee


Staged in the splendid facilities of the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, the first ever ITTF Level Two Coaches Course and ITTF Level Two Course Conductor Training were staged from Tuesday 30th October to Tuesday 6th November 2012.

A total of 13 coaches from the United States attended, in addition to three ITTF Level One Course Conductors.

Furthermore, the number could have been even higher had it not been for thye inbtervention of nature.

Unfortunately, four coaches who had enrolled originally, were unable to attend as Hurricane Sandy caused flight cancellations in the eastern part of the country.

Course Conductor
The course was conducted by Philippe Molodzoff of France, the author of the ITTF Advanced Manual; with Richard McAfee, the National Coaching Chairman of the United States Table Tennis Association, organizing proceedings.

Learned Quickly
“From the very beginning of the course, all the participants quickly learned that much was expected from them to be able to pass the final Level Two exams”, explained Richard McAfee . “Enthusiasm for the course ran high and even after long days in the classroom, coaches could be found each evening forming study groups to practise for their practical and verbal exams.”

The Unofficial Course
Unquestionably the course content was extremely valuable but how often does it occur that the unofficial meetings; those in the bar over a beer are just as valid?

“Day by day, under the constant feedback and instruction from the “Master Teacher”, Philippe, coaches saw their own coaching skills improving; this improvement inspired everyone to work even harder”, continued Richard McAfee. “All this hard work paid off as all the coaches passed the tests, a rarity for a Level Two Course.”

Credit to all concerned; teacher and students alike.

Next Level
“Also, even more impressive was that seven of the thirteen United States coaches scored high enough in the exams to qualify to attend a future Level Three Course”, continued Richard McAfee. “Polona Cehovin Susin, ITTF Deputy Executive Director of Education and Training, joined Philippe for the last few days to assist with the Course Conductor Training; she insisted that high standards must be met to qualify to become an ITTF Course Conductor.”

High standards and high standards were met.

Philippe Molodzoff conducts a practical session Photo courtesy of Richard McAfee

“The United States Table Tennis Association is very proud that all three United States Course Conductors passed the Level Two Course Conductor Course and are now able to begin to teach the Level Two Course within the United States”, added Richard McAfee. “A special mention must be made of Federico Basseti who finished the Level Two Course with a perfect test score of 20 out of 20”, smiled Richard McAfee. “Coming in a close second was Iuliana Radu with 19 out of 20.”

Most certainly they are very impressive marks.

Rapid Progress
“The first ever ITTF Level One Course was held two years ago, also in Colorado Springs and was conducted by Glenn Tepper”, concluded Richard McAfee. “Now, only two years later, the United States Table Tennis Association has 98 ITTF Level One Coaches and soon regional ITTF Level Two Courses will be organized around the United States.”

The Motivator
Time flies and rapid progress has been made; matters throughout have been conducted under the auspices of the ITTF Development Department, who have supported throughout, but one of the major reasons for the growth has been thanks to the enthusiasm and motivational skills of the man on the ground.

Richard McAfee take a bow.

Course members with Philippe Molodzoff Photo courtesy of Richard McAfee



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