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State-of-Art Facilities in Lone Star State Makes Clear Statement
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Advice from Richard McAfee  Photo By: Courtesy of Richard McAfee


The capital city in the state of Texas, the Lone Star State, Austin is the home for one of the finest and most unique table tennis clubs in the United States of America.

Currently, from Monday 13th to Friday 17th August 2012, the club is being made to very good use.

It is the home for the latest in a series of ITTF/PTT Level One Courses to be staged throughout the country.

Motivated by the ITTF Development Programme, the course conductor is Richard McAfee, the Chairman of the United States Table Tennis Association’s National Coaching Chairman.

He is one of the most experienced course conductors and is very much at the helm of promoting the increased activity, designed to attract more coaches to enable the sport to grow.

First Class Facilities
“Featuring 16 courts with wood floors, two robot courts, and excellent lighting throughout, the Austin Table Tennis Club is unique in that the building was actually constructed by its own members”, explained Richard McAfee. “Besides the fine playing conditions the club features a pro-shop, a fantastic lounge and even an elevated walkway where spectators can view all the action.”

Utopian facilities and Richard McAfee is most certainly making the most of the opportunity afforded.

First in South West
“The action at the club this week was focused on the first ever south west regional ITTF/PTT Level One Course being host by the Austin Club”, continued Richard McAfee. “A total of 22 coaches from around the region is taking part with one international entry from Dubai.”

All are eager to learn on a course that is setting new levels.

Ninth Course
“It is the ninth Level One Course to be held in the United States in the last two years”, added Richard McAfee. “Furthermore, it is the largest Level One Course to be held so far in the United States and much of the credit goes to Marguerite Cheung, whose great organizing skills have made the course so enjoyable for everyone.”

Yet another successful course in the United States and judging by the current positive mood, there are more to come; one fact is assured, Austin can meet the demand.

The Austin Table Tennis Club Provided First Class Facilities

The Austin Table Tennis Club totally funded by members
Photo courtesy of Richard McAfee

Preparing to Start a Coaching Session

Stretching the order of proceedings for members of the course
Photo courtesy of Richard McAfee

Good Feeling for the Table Tennis Ball Essential

Learning how to return the ball short, playing across the width of the table a valuable exercise
Photo courtesy of Richard McAfee

Learning the Basic, the Art of Control

Total concentration from all concerned to make sure the ball does not fall
Photo courtesy of Richard McAfee

An Enthusiastic Group of Students on the ITTF/PTT Level One Course

A tremendous response to attend the course, very much to the benefit of table tennis
Photo Paul Ip



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