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Intriguing Partnerships Head Seeding Lists for Peace and Sport Cup
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Ryu Seung Min set to entertain in Doha  Photo By: Rémy Gros

11/19/2011        2011 Qatar Peace and Sport Cup (Click here to access this section)

The Democratic Peopleís Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea join forces to provide the top seeded pairs in both Menís and Womenís Doubles events at the Qatar Peace and Sport Cup, to be staged at the state-of-the-art Aspire Academy in Doha.

In the Menís Doubles event, Ryu Seung Min joins forces with Kim Hyok Bong; whilst in the Womenís Doubles competition Kim Kyung Ah will partner Kim Hye Song.

Intriguing partnership; Ryu Seung Min and Kim Kyung Ah are undoubtedly two of the most exciting players in world table tennis, throughout their illustrious careers and throughout the present century, they have delighted crowds wherever they have played.

Styles Dated
Tremendous players to watch but both have styles that are now rapidly becoming out of date.

Ryu Seung Min, with a his traditional penhold style of attacking play, demands a high degree of physical fitness; the downside is that he does not possess the modern day backhand topspib stroke from the reverse side of the racket.

The Need to Attack
Similarly, Kim Kyung Ah is the traditional defender but increasingly the defender of the modern day a forehand topspin.

A forehand drive with minimal topspin may emanate from the racket of Kim Kyung Ah but not a stroke with heavy topspin as is increasingly demanded.

Exciting players with their partners from the Democratic Peopleís Republic of Korea being less exuberant but very reliable and efficient; Kim Hyok Bong and Kim Hye Song both excel when playing close to the table.

The Pair to Dazzle
However, if there is one pair that might produce the most exciting table tennis it is the second seeds in the Menís Doubles event-

Two players who crowds appreciate and two players who like the crowd; Adrien Mattenet of France and Kaii Yoshida of Japan is a most enticing combination.

Play is scheduled to start at 5.00pm on Tuesday 22nd November 2011 with the final scheduled for 8.15pm (local time).

Seeding: Men
1. Ryu Seung Min / Kim Hyok Bong (KOR/PRK)
2. Adrien Mattenet / Kaii Yoshida (FRA/JPN)
3. Chen Qi / Ahmad Al-Mohannadi (CHN/QAT)
4. Fan Yiyong / Grigory Vlasov (USA/RUS)
5. Soumyadeep Roy / Syed Awais Hassan (IND/PAK)

Seeding: Women
1. Kim Kyung Ah / Kim Hye Song (KOR/PRK)
2. Carole Grundisch / Natsumi Miyake (FRA/JPN)
3. Cao Zhen / Aia Mohamed (CHN/QAT)
4. Lily Zhang / Anna Tikhomirova (USA/RUS)
5. Poulomi Ghatak / Sadia Falak Sher (IND/PAK)



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