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Pairings Nominated for Qatar Peace and Sport Cup
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Adrien Mattenet delighted at the Liebherr Men's World Cup, he will no doubt entertain in Doha  Photo By: Vincent Kovacs

11/16/2011        2011 Qatar Peace and Sport Cup (Click here to access this section)

Ten National Associations will participate in the Qatar Peace and Sport Cup - China, France, Japan, India, Korea, DPR Korea, USA, Russia, Pakistan, Qatar – to be staged on Tuesday 22nd November 2011 at the Qatar Sports Club in Doha.

The tournament will be preceded by an Opening Ceremony at the Doha Ritz Carleton Hotel on Monday 21st November.

A doubles competition, the draw for the pairs was conducted on Monday 14th November at the Volkswagen World Junior Championships in Bahrain.

Proceedings were conducted under the supervision of Judit Farago, Executive Director of Competitions.

Stages for Final Authorisation
Following the draw the provisional pairings and rankings were approved on Tuesday 15th November 2011 by the Peace and Sport Organization.

The next stage is for the Executive Committee of the International Table Tennis Federation to authorise the provisional pairings on Saturday 19th November 2011 at its meeting in Bahrain.

Added Attraction
Understanding and harmony is the underlining principle of an event that will combine world class action will superb entertainment and not only superb entertainment in the playing arena.

Australia’s Paulini will sing at the Opening Ceremony and at the tournament itself. She will perform her latest Ping Pong song.

Dream for Sport to be a Vehicle for Peace
“This event may mark a new era for Ping Pong diplomacy, or in today's lingo "Ping Pong Diplomacy version 2.0"; it has always been my dream that our sport is used in peace initiatives, bringing together representatives from different countries and having them play "together" side by side in an atmosphere of peace and understanding”, said Adham Sharara, ITTF President. “I am very happy that all the participating countries have put peace and sport ahead of any political differences; this is the right way forward and we are witnessing history and a new era for sport as a means for promoting peace."

A new era and the event has attracted the attention of the media; Al Jazeera television will be covering the whole competition.

Provisional Pairings
The provisional pairings for the Men's Doubles and the Women's Doubles competition are: China & Qatar, France & Japan, India & Pakistan, DPR Korea & Korea Republic, USA & Russia

Players and Rankings
Men’s Doubles (in seeded order)
1. Ryu Seung Min / Kim Hyok Bong (KOR/PRK) 2420+1923 = 4343 pts
2. Adrien Mattenet / Kaii Yoshida (FRA/JPN) 2186+2146 = 4332pts
3. Chen Qi / Ahmed Al Mohannadi (CHN/QAT) 2476+1391 = 3867 pts
4. Fan Yiyong / Grigory Vlasov (USA/RUS) 1481+1833 = 3314 pts
5. Soumyadeep Roy / Syed Awais Hassan (IND/PAK) 1575+1200 = 2775pts

Women’s Doubles (in seeded order)
1. Kim Kyong Ah / Kim Hye Song (KOR/PRK) 2579+2028 = 4607pts
2. Lily Zhang / Anna Tokhomirova (USA/RUS) 1959+2205 = 4164pts
3. Carole Grundisch / Natsumu Miyake (FRA/JPN) 2091+1805 = 3896pts
4. Cao Zhen (CHN) / Aia Magdy Mohamed (Qat) 2359+ 805 = 3164pts
5. Poulomi Ghatak / Sadia Flak Sher (IND/PAK) 1759+ 750 = 2509 pts



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