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Double Happiness and Tinsue Confirm Support for Qatar Peace and Sport Cup
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Ludovic Hubler explained the values of Peace and Sport at the GAC GROUP 2011 World Championships  Photo By: Rémy Gros

10/12/2011        2011 Qatar Peace and Sport Cup (Click here to access this section)

Win or lose, for hundreds of teenagers and some even younger, to play on the ITTF Junior Circuit is a great educator.

Not only an educator in terms of achieving sporting excellence, it is an educator in understanding tolerance, respecting different cultures, understanding a range of values.

It is especially prevalent in the team events, where the phrase “Mixed Team” appears at most tournaments.

Players from different countries join forces, they support each other, they are not interested in political ideologies or religious backgrounds that cause rifts.

They are friends.

Value of Mixed Teams Recognised
“Mixed Teams” and the value of the concept has been recognised by two major manufacturers, Double Happiness and the Tinsue Company.

Both will be supporting the Qatar Peace and Sport Cup that will take place in the splendid Aspire Academy in Doha on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd November 2011.

Conflicting Countries Join Forces
Organised under the patronage of the Qatar National Olympic Committee and directed by the Qatar Table Tennis Association, ten teams with players from countries that have a history of conflict will join together in sport.

“Both sponsors are happy to support this kind of initiative”, said Steve Dainton, ITTF Marketing Director. “It shows they not only care about the commercial side of sponsorship but also about seeing table tennis used as a way to support peace and harmony throughout the World.”

Ludovic Hubler
The support is welcomed and is applauded, it a message from the commercial world that the likes of Ludovic Hubler, the Head of Programmes for Peace and Sport, promoted earlier this year at the GAC GROUP 2011 World Championships in Rotterdam.

He was present throughout most of the proceedings, answering questions and promoting the value of sport as a tool for co-operation, understanding and lasting friendship.

Higher Status
Such is the target for the 2011 Qatar Peace and Sport Cup; an objective, which thanks to support from Double Happiness and Tinsue, raises the status of the event and makes the stated goals ever more achievable.

Two players in team, forming friendships; surely the name of Double Happiness as a sponsor, could not be more appropriate.


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