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USA Visit by Tepper Bears Fruit, Maryland Hosts First Home Based Led Course
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

A multi-ball demonstration from Larry Hodges  Photo By: Bob Zhu


A visit by Glenn Tepper, ITTF Director – Development Programmes to Colorado Springs in the United States of America in September 2010 has had an effect, a positive effect.

He conducted both ITTF/PTT Level One and ITTF/PTT Level One Conductor Training courses; the goal being to introduce the ITTF Coach Accreditation system to the United States.

Motivated by the visit, one of the students who attended both courses, Larry Hodges, conducted an ITTF Level One course at the Maryland Table Tennis Center in Gaithersburg over two weekends.

Two Weekends
Former editor of the United States Table Tennis magazine and former National Junior Coach he conducted proceedings on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th April and on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April 2011.

Six hours was allocated each day.

The course was self-funded and it is the first such course under the umbrella of the ITTF Development Programme to be led by a home based coach in the United States of America.

Sydney Christophe in Guyana
However, Larry Hodges is not the first member of the Class of 2010 to conduct and ITTF/PTT Level One course but he is the first in the United States; Sydney Christophe conducted a self-funded ITTF/PTT Level One course in his home country of Guyana

A total of 14 coaches attended with the teaching skills of Larry Hodges being well received.

Step by Step
“Larry covered material from the ITTF Level One Manual step by step, sometimes in the impromptu classroom set up in the back of the club, others times out at the table”, explained course member Jef Savage. “He demonstrated both proper and improper technique, challenging coaches to name the problem with the latter, often bringing out attending coaches to demonstrate their techniques.”

Wide ranging the course included reference to the ITTF and USATT certification process plus all aspects of coaching needed to teach those wishing to start to play table tennis with a special mention of helping school children.

Coaching Hours
“Each Coach had to prepare and present a five to ten minute demonstration to fellow coaches, on a subject selected by lot”, added Jef Savage. “The next step for the coaches is to achieve five hours supervised coaching by an ITTF certified or other approved high level coach.”

Furthermore, they have not let the grass grow under their feet.

Maryland Table Tennis Club
“Ten of the 14 coaches did this during the Maryland Table Tennis Club Spring Break Camp”, continued Jef Savage. “Also they must complete and 25 hours unsupervised, and then they will be awarded their ITTF Level One Certificate and be registered as Level One coaches on the ITTF and USATT websites.”

Judging by the response that will be sooner rather that later.

Vote of Thanks
“All coaches involved would like to thank USATT Coaching Chair Richard McAfee; ITTF Executive Director of Development Programmes Glenn Tepper; USATT and ITTF; Photographer Shaobo "Bob" Zhu; the Maryland Table Tennis Center and MDTTC coaches Cheng Yinghua and Jack Huang”, concluded Jef Savage who also deserves a special mention.

He was responsible for the equipment needed and for fulfilling the role of reporter.

The coaches who attended were: Shaobo “Bob” Zhu, Juan Ly, John Hsu, Vahid Mosafari, Jeff Smart, Benjamin Arnold, Carmencita Alexandrescu, John Olsen, Dan Notestein, Jeff Fuchs, Larry Hodges, Jef Savage, David Varkey, Changping Duan and Charlene Liu.

Members of the group at the Maryland Table Tennis Club in Gaithersburg

Photo by Bob Zhu


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