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An Invitation to Umpire at the Korea Veteran Para Table Tennis Championships
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Kyoung Sik Choi, gold medallist at the Beijing Paralympic Games  02/06/2012

 02/06/2012 Photo By: Gaël Marziou

The Korea Table Tennis Association for the Disabled invites a selected number of International Umpires to officiate at 2012 Korea Veteran Para Table Tennis Championships.

Suwon, where the accommodation and playing venue is most accessible and is rated amongst the best in the world, is the home for the tournament which will be staged from Monday 30th April to Thursday 3rd May 2012.

It is an open invitation thus not all applications may be accepted.

Only nominations submitted by national governing bodies will be considered.

Hospitality begins with dinner on Sunday 29th April and concludes with breakfast on Friday 4th May, 2012; in addition the daily allowance of €15.00 will be paid during this period.

Umpires or their associations are responsible for all travel costs and for earlier arrival and or later departure.

However, transport from and to the Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport in Seoul will be provided.

Application and Acceptance Deadline Dates
The closing date for applications is Tuesday 28th February 2012; the Korea Table Tennis Association for the Disabled will advise national governing bodies the names of selected umpires on or before Monday 5th March 2012.

Flight schedules including dates of arrival and departure should be advised by Wednesday 18th April 2012

Referee’s Briefing
All umpires must arrive in time to attend the Referee’s Briefing to be held in the afternoon of Sunday 29th April.

For further information and to whom applications should be returned
Ms. Lee Soo Hyun,
Secretary General,
Korea Table Tennis Association for the Disabled,
Tel, +82 2 477 5446
Fax, +82 2 477 5447

Korea Veteran Para Table Tennis Championships 2012: Official Letter of Invitation
Korea Veteran Para Table Tennis Championships 2012: Official Application Form

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