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Science papers of Table Tennis
Kondric et al: The physiological demands of table tennis: a review
Piras et al.: The within-task criterion to determine successful and unsuccessful table tennis players.
Varenberg and Varenberg: Table Tennis: Preliminary Displacement in Pimples-Out Rubber
Martinent et al: Evaluations of The psychometric properties of the recovery-stress questionnaire for athletes among a sample of young French table tennis players
Van Biesen et al: Comparing technical proficiency of elite table tennis players with intellectual disability: simulation testing versus game play.
Zhang et al: Evaluation of elite table tennis players' technique effectiveness
Urra Tobar: Evaluation of the effectiveness of training in coping strategies for table tennis players aimed at overcoming pre-competition anxiety
Zhangguo et al: Design of a Redudant Manipulator for Playing Table Tennis towards Human-Like Stroke Patterns
Katsikadelis et al: Heart rate variability of young table tennis players with the use of the multiball training
Faber et al: The Dutch motor skills assessment as tool for talent development in table tennis: a reproducibility and validity study
Faber et al: Revision of two test items of the Dutch motor skills assessment measuring ball control in young table tennis players – a reproducibility and validity study, Annals of research in sport and physical activity
Pradas de la Fuente et al: Anthropometric Characteristics, Body Composition and Somatotype of High Level Table Tennis players
Sacks et al: Cardiorespiratory Responses to Table Tennis in Low-Fit Coronary Patients and Implications for Exercise Training
Padulo et al: Task complexity reveals expertise of table tennis players
Martinent and Decret: Motivational Profiles Among Young Table-Tennis Players in Intensive Training Settings: A Latent Profile Transition Analysis
Martinent and Ferrand: A Field Study of Discrete Emotions: Athletes’ Cognitive Appraisals During Competition
Faber, Bustin, Oosterveld, & Nijhuis-Van Der Sanden: Assessing personal talent determinants in young racquet sport players: a systematic review
Piras , Raffi, Malagoli Lanzoni, Persiani & Squatrito: Microsaccades and Prediction of a Motor Act Outcome in a Dynamic Sport Situation
Martinent et al. Athletes’ Regulation of Emotions Experienced During Competition: A Naturalistic Video-Assisted Study
Tamaki and Saito: Reconstructing the 3D Trajectory of a Ball with Unsynchronized Cameras
González García et al.: Parental Education and Table Tennis: Theoretical Review and Practice Guidelines
Iino & Kojima: Effect of the racket mass and the rate of strokes on kinematics and kinetics in the table tennis topspin backhand
Sun Dali: Neural Network-Based Table Tennis Competition Technique and Tactics Diagnosis and Evaluation
Martin et al.: Influence of playing style on the physiological responses of offensive players in table tennis.
Munivrana et al.: Structural Analysis of Technical-Tactical Elements in Table Tennis and their Role in Different Playing Zones
Faber et al..: Can perceptuo-motor skills assessment outcomes in young table tennis players (7-11 year) predict future competition participation and performance? An observational prospective study
Zagatto et al.: Physiological responses at the lactate minimum intensity with and without prior high-intensity exercise
Le Mansec et al.: Sensitivity and Reliability of a Specific Test of Stroke Performance in Table Tennis
Jiandong et al.: Why Are the Disabled People Willing to Participate in Sports: Taking Chinese Disabled Table Tennis Players as the Object of Investigation?
Rong et al: Impedance control and its effects on a humanoid robot playing table tennis
Zagatto et al: Analysis of cardiopulmonary and metabolic variables measured during laboratory and sport-specific incremental tests for table tennis performance prediction
Ma et al: Influence of repeated bouts of table tennis training on cardiac biomarkers in children
Faber et al: Does an eye-hand coordination test have added value as part of talent identification in table tennis? A validity and reproducibility stud
Guodong et al: Influence of repeated bouts of table tennis training on cardiac biomarkers in children.
Katsikadelis et al: Test-retest reliability of the “table tennis specific battery test” in competitive level young players.
Wadhwa: Study of the dynamic properties and effects of temperature using a spring model for the bouncing ball
Hu et al: Trajectory Prediction of Spinning Ball Based on Fuzzy Filtering and Local Modeling for Robotic Ping-Pong Player.
Guodong et al: Visual Measurement of the Racket Trajectory in Spinning Ball Striking for Table Tennis Player.
Yanlong et al: Adding Active Learning to LWR for Ping-Pong Playing Robot
Zagatto and Gobatto: Relationship between Anaerobic Parameters Provided from MAOD and Critical Power Model in Specific Table Tennis Test.
Dominicy et al: A stochastic analysis of table tennis.
Klostermann et al: The "Quiet Eye" and Motor Performance: Task Demands Matter!
Dauty et al: Resumption of support of operated leg after knee surgery through the practise of table tennis.
Zagatto et al: Analysis of cardiopulmonary and metabolic variables measured during laboratory and sport-specific incremental tests for table tennis performance prediction
Barczyk-Pawelec et al: Body postures and asymmetries in frontal and transverse planes in the trunk area in table tennis players.
Akandere and Asan: Investigating the effect of table tennis exercise in children on their attention levels.
Akpinar et al: Coincidence-anticipation timing requirements are different in racket sports.
Zhang et al: Evaluation of elite table tennis players' technique effectiveness.
Liu et al: The Effect of Goal Setting Difficulty on Serving Success in Table Tennis and the Mediating Mechanism of Self-regulation.
Hoshino: Psychophysiological evaluation of cardiovascular response on the observational and practical task difficulty
Rodek et al: Differential analysis of the doping behaviour templates in three types of sports.
Sindik and Misoni: A comparison of two conative characteristics of top basketball and recreational table tennis players.
Van biesen et al: Tactical proficiency among table tennis players with and without intellectual disabilities.
Olusoga et al: Stress and coping: A study of world class coaches
Malagoli Lanzoni et al: A notational analysis of shot characteristics in top-level table tennis players.

Finding Diamonds in the Rough, Latest Workshop Topic

 03/04/2016       World Team Table Tennis Championships

Talent Identification, “Finding Diamonds in the Rough”, was the subject for the workshop organised at the ITTF Sport Science Committee on the occasion of the Perfect 2016 World Team Championships in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday 3rd March.

Irene Faber, PhD is Physical Therapist and Movement Scientist at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

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Working Hand in Hand with Sports Science

 03/03/2016       World Team Table Tennis Championships

The chance to work hand in hand with science, on Wednesday 2nd March at the Perfect 2016 World Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the ITTF Sports Science and Medical Committee organized two workshops.

Increasing knowledge, improving and enhancing the quality of future research; those in attendance were able to learn from experts.

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Improving Reaction Time, an App Devised to Improve Anticipation


Anticipation, it is a vital aspect for success in the sport of table tennis; at that skill, I have never met anyone who was more adept than England’s Desmond Douglas, winner of the Men’s Singles title at Europe Top 12 in 1987.

Natural or can it be taught? Tests by the Australian based company ttEDGE suggest the latter.

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World Anti-Doping Agency Issues 2016 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods


Pursuing the motto “Play True”, on Wednesday 16th September, the Executive Committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) approved the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods.

The list will come into force on Friday 1st January 2016.

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Tokyo Revisited, Sports Science and Medical Committees in Harmony


Staged in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo, prior to the ZEN-HON 2014 World Team Championships, the Sports Science and Medical Committee of the Japanese Table Tennis Association organised their annual Sports Science and Medical Committee meeting.

Recently on Sunday 20th and Monday 21st September, the gathering was once again convened; notably nine members of the ITTF Sports Science and Medical Committee attended. Overall more than 50 scientists were present, matters being directed by Dr. Shiro Matsuo, in a manner that met with universal approval and resulted in a most successful endeavour.

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Sports Science and World Racket Sports Congress Book of Abstracts Now Available


The Book of Abstracts emanating from the 14th ITTF Sports Science and 5th World Racket Sports Congress staged from Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th April in Suzhou, China is now available.

Organised under the direction of Dr Miran Kondric, Chair of the ITTF Sport Science and Medical Committee, the publication has been produced in co-operation with Chinese Table Tennis Association, the Soochow University and the Organizing Committee of the Qoros 2015 World Championships.

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Bounce and Butterfly Launch New Table as Therapeutic Aid for Alzheimer’s Disease


Supported by Scotland’s leading player Gavin Rumgay, alongside England internationals Kelly Sibley, Andrew Baggaley and Darius Knight; Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy (BAT) Foundation was recently established.

It is a charitable organisation aimed at increasing awareness and treatment of Alzheimer's by organising table tennis events throughout the United Kingdom to delay the onset of the disease.

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Workshops Conclude, Managing Stress and Competitive Anxiety, the Subject Matter

 05/03/2015       World Table Tennis Championships

Managing stress and competitive anxiety was the subject for the fifth and concluding workshop organized by the ITTF Sports Science and Medical Committee on Saturday 2nd May at the QOROS World Championships in Suzhou.

The guest speaker was Hungary’s Dora Kurimay, a specialist in the subject who three days earlier had address the topic of motivation.

Once again as with the previous four seminars the response from all concerned was most positive.

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New Anti-Doping Code Explained at Latest Workshop

 05/01/2015       World Table Tennis Championships

Three workshops successfully organized by the ITTF Sports Science and Medical Committee for players and coaches; next on the agenda, at the fourth seminar on Thursday 30th April, was the Anti-Doping Code and Anti-Doping Activities within the International Table Tennis Federation.

Dr. Shiro Matsuo, head of ITTF Anti-Doping and Takuro Okada were the presenters.

Once again, as with previous seminars, the response from those present was most positive; a valuable insight into a highly topical subject had been afforded.

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