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Back Down South, Texas Bound, Austin Once Again Provides Perfect Venue
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Attentive students at the ITTF Level Two Course  Photo By: Courtesy of Richard McAfee


Successful courses completed in Atlanta, Georgia in the south east of the United States and then at the Lily Yip Training Center in New Jersey in the north east; there was no time for Richard McAfee to even brush his teeth.

Next stop was a return south.

He conducted his third successive ITTF Level Two Course, the home being the Austin Texas Table Tennis Club; proceedings commenced on Monday 9th September and concluded on Saturday 14th September 2013.

The Group
A total of 17 coaches gathered to attend what was the first ITTF Level Two course in the south west of the United States.

The group comprised 14 coaches from the host nation plus two from Nepal and one from Ecuador.

A Step Higher
“Coaches attending the Level Two Courses quickly realized just how big a step-up the Level Two material and testing is over the Level One and nightly study groups were the normal as the coaches worked together to learn all the new material”, explained Richard McAfee. “The intensity grew day by day as the coaches worked hard on the tables to learn all the advanced teaching methods required for teaching higher technical skills to advanced players.”

Hard work, dedication to duty was necessary in order to succeed.

Pride in Success
“The last day of the course was test day and the coaches strived to show just how much they had learned during the week”, continued Richard McAfee. “Those that passed the tests can take great pride on their accomplishment.”

Equally, the hosts could take great pride in having afforded an ideal venue.

Ideal Host
“Everyone in the course agreed that the Austin Table Tennis Center was the perfect host”, added Richard McAfee. “The Austin Table Tennis Center is one of America’s premier table tennis full-time facilities and offers 18 table tennis courts, wood floor, excellent lighting, pro-shop, lounge, and over-head viewing area.”

Furthermore, the organization is well managed.

Well Organised
“The club’s General Manager, Marguerite Cheung did a wonderful job of organizing all the course details and making sure that each coach’s personal needs were met”, added Richard McAfee who is clearly delighted with the progress that has been made in recent years.

“This was the third successful ITTF Course to be held at the club and more are planned for the future”, he concluded. “The ITTF Coaching Education Programme continues to grow within the United States and this was the fourth ITTF Level Two Course to be conducted within the United States this year.”

The Motivator
A great deal of credit for the progress rests on the shoulders of Richard McAfee; he has proved the motivating forces and holds a special honour in his country.

He is United States Hall of Fame Coach.

The very dedicated members of the group at the Austin Training Center
Photo courtesy of Richard McAfee



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