Marius Widmer, ITTF Media Coordinator
New Rule in Favour of the Development of Table Tennis 1678

The Board of Directors (BoD) of the International Table Tennis Federation accepted an important proposition concerning the regulations for international competitions. In its today’s meeting in Guangzhou, south China, the members followed the ITTF Executive Meeting to restrict the possibility to change the association at ITTF World Title events.
Only for World Cup and World Championships
"I am very pleased that the Board of Directors members were not thinking about the benefits of their own associations”, ITTF President Adham Sharara told after the meeting. “Instead they were thinking of the progress and development of our sport in the world. I am very pleased that the BoD took this important measure and focused on what is best for the ITTF as a whole."

The BoD decision does not influence the Olympic eligibility of table tennis players and it will not be applied retroactively. Those players that have already represented an association can continue to do so.

Purpose: Development
Mr. Sharara underlines the positive influence of the decision. "The objective of this new Eligibility Rule is to limit the use of players from other associations and to push each association to develop its own players".

Nowadays the ITTF is among the five biggest international sports federations with 205 member associations. The ITTF Development Programme has been one of the core businesses of the federation under the direction of Adham Sharara.

Eligibility Rule for World Title events
Proposed by the Executive Committee:
To insert a new paragraph 3.8.7 (present 3.8.7 and 3.8.8 to be renumbered):

3.8.7 In addition, for ITTF World Title events, a player who was eligible to represent an association other than the one he wishes to represent, shall register with the ITTF, through this new association. The player shall not represent the new association before 3 years after the date of registration, if the player is under the age of 15 when registered; 5 years after the date of registration, if the player is under the age of 18 but at least 15 years of age when registered; 7 years after the date of registration, if the player is under the age of 21 but at least 18 years of age when registered If the player is 21 years of age or older he will not be registered with the ITTF and will not be eligible to represent a new association at World Title events.

This would introduce an additional eligibility clause for World title events, relating to the age of the player concerned.
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6/6/2009 Koreans Prevent all Chinese Semi-Finals
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5/30/2009 Belgian Teenager Stars in Minsk
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12/6/2008 Sweden’s Boys not Remunerated against England
12/5/2008 Draw for the Junior Team Events
12/4/2008 Olympic Candidate City Hosts Table Tennis Junior Event of the Year
12/3/2008 Media Scholarships for Danish Open
11/30/2008 Boll Completes Hat-Trick, Feng Tianwei Breaks Duck
11/29/2008 Boll Unmoved but Seeds Fall in Warsaw
11/28/2008 Top Seeds Book Third Round Places
11/27/2008 Favourites Safely Through to Main Draw
11/27/2008 Poland’s Rising Generation Impresses on Opening Day
11/23/2008 Timo Boll and Liu Jia Crowned Erke German Open Champions
11/22/2008 Silver for Germany as Gold Goes to Poland & Singapore
11/21/2008 German Teams Reach Finals
11/20/2008 Top Seeds Fall in Quarter-Finals
11/19/2008 Second Seeds Singapore Suffer
11/2/2008 Japan and France – Two Celebrating Nations at the Final Day
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11/1/2008 Austria and Hungary Capture Team Titles in Salzburg
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8/19/2008 Tops and Flops of the First Singles Round
8/18/2008 Chinese Players Merciless with German Challengers
8/18/2008 Korea Republic Wins also the Second Team Bronze Medal
8/18/2008 China’s Women Resist the Pressure and Win Gold
8/17/2008 Austria Plays the Korean Republic for Bronze
8/16/2008 Germany’s Men in the Final against China
8/16/2008 Korea Republic and Japan will Play for the Bronze Medal
8/15/2008 Hong Kong and Austria Can Still Win the Bronze Medal
8/15/2008 Singapore Fighting Hard – Chinese Express Unstoppable
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6/8/2008 Back-to-Back Titles for Chinese Teenager
6/7/2008 Form Maintained in Singapore
6/6/2008 World Champion Falls Again
6/5/2008 European Champions Suffer in Singapore
6/4/2008 Once Again Stefan Fegerl Starts in Style
6/1/2008 Titles for Nineteen Year Old Chinese Stars
5/31/2008 German Teenager Causes Upsets of the Year
5/30/2008 Star Names Exit and Defending Champion Falls
5/29/2008 Defeat for Former Olympic Silver Medallist
5/25/2008 A Perfect Day for Belarus
5/25/2008 Ten Years Later the Same Names Clinch Gold
5/24/2008 Second Seed Falls to Compatriot in Minsk
5/24/2008 China Imperious in Yokohama
5/23/2008 Xu Xin Fulfils Potential at Stag Belarus Open
5/22/2008 Successful Day for Host Nation in Minsk
5/22/2008 Croatian Men Continue to Cause Upsets
5/21/2008 Sensational Win for Brazil in Yokohama
5/18/2008 Top Seeds Prevail at Volkswagen Open China
5/17/2008 An Olympic Warning
5/16/2008 Korean Below Par in Opening Round
5/15/2008 Success for China but Problems for Guo Yue
5/14/2008 Crisis of Confidence for World Champion
5/11/2008 Cheering to Success
5/10/2008 Matiss Burgis and Dana Hadacova Dream on
5/9/2008 Racket Control – a "Necessary Evil" for a Fair Competition
5/8/2008 Serbian Discovery and African Hopes
5/6/2008 The Last Chance for an Olympic Table Tennis Ticket
4/27/2008 A Good Sign for Reigning Olympic Champion
4/26/2008 Olympic Champion on Course in Santiago
4/25/2008 Top Seed Suffers Second Round Exit in Santiago
4/24/2008 Progress for Chile in Santiago
4/23/2008 Try, Try Again Works for Indian Star
4/20/2008 Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea Capture Gold in Belo Horizonte
4/19/2008 Third and Fourth Seeds Suffer Second Round Exit
4/18/2008 Top Two Men’s Singles Seeds Depart
4/17/2008 A Day to Forget for Hugo Hoyama
3/22/2008 Ma Lin Retains Crown, Consecutive Wins for Zhang Yining
3/21/2008 Quarter-Final Exit for World Champion
3/20/2008 Sixth Seed Falls to ITTF Pro Tour Newcomer
3/19/2008 Hong Kong Casualty
3/18/2008 Koreans Steal Limelight
3/17/2008 Chinese Stars Occupy Top Seeded Positions
3/16/2008 Perfect Record on ITTF Pro Tour for Vladimir Samsonov
3/15/2008 Top Two World Ranked Stars Suffer Defeat in Kuwait
3/14/2008 World Champion Suffers at French Hands
3/13/2008 Russian Teenager Steals Opening Day Limelight
3/12/2008 Former Champions Required to Qualify
3/1/2008 China Retains Title
2/29/2008 Top Seeds Reach Final
2/29/2008 New Rule in Favour of the Development of Table Tennis
2/28/2008 Medals Reserved, Colour Unknown
2/27/2008 Problems For Men’s Seeds
2/27/2008 The Netherlands to Host World Championships 2011
2/26/2008 Star Players
2/25/2008 Chinese Hiccups
2/24/2008 Successful Opening Day for Favourites
1/21/2008 Hongxing Erke Signs Deal with TMS
1/19/2008 Adding to Collection and Opening Account
1/18/2008 Rising Polish Star Ousts Top Seed
1/17/2008 Seeds Fall Like Ten Pins
1/16/2008 German Progress Checked in Velenje
1/15/2008 Austrian Teenager Causes Opening Day Shock
1/14/2008 Once Again Welcome to Bahrain
1/7/2008 Sweden’s Jörgen Persson Qualifies for the Sixth Time
1/7/2008 Implementation of the Speed Glue Ban in Seligenstadt
1/7/2008 "The coaches must find innovative ways"
1/3/2008 Five Year Reign Ends
12/22/2007 Titles for Wang Hao and Wang Nan
12/21/2007 Successful Day for China
12/19/2007 A Golden Day for China
12/18/2007 Unblemished Record
12/17/2007 Stars Rested for Good Luck
12/16/2007 Ma Lin and Li Xiaoxia Navigate Safe Road to Gold
12/15/2007 Host Nation Dominant
12/14/2007 Chinese Stars Join Compatriots
12/13/2007 Timo Boll and Yang Zi Win Colleagues Contests
12/12/2007 Olympic Final Anoints New Olympic Venue
12/3/2007 Butterfly and San-Ei Win Equipment Bids for 2009
11/29/2007 Top Table Tennis in the Heart of the San Francisco Bay Area
11/19/2007 China Dominates ITTF Pro Tour Standings
11/18/2007 Wang Hao and Li Xiaoxia Secure Major Honours
11/17/2007 Top Seeds Reach Semi-Finals
11/16/2007 National Legend Keeps Swedish Hopes Alive
11/16/2007 The Olympic Year Kicks Off in Slovenia
11/15/2007 Ominous Signs
11/14/2007 Form Maintained
11/14/2007 Points to Prove
11/11/2007 Full House for China
11/10/2007 Top Seeds Toppled by Teenage Compatriots
11/9/2007 Like a Good Wine He Zhi Wen Improves with Age
11/8/2007 Favourites Progress in Bremen
11/7/2007 Teenagers and Local Hero Cause Opening Day Shocks
11/6/2007 Eyes Focused on an Early Visit to Beijing
11/4/2007 In Toulouse Success Comes in Threes
11/3/2007 World and European Champions Depart
11/2/2007 Romanian Teenager Ousts Chinese Star
11/1/2007 Youth Overcomes Experience
10/31/2007 Romanian Teenager Steals the Limelight
10/31/2007 ITTF Pro Tour Returns to France in Style
10/29/2007 Press Release No.4: SEO Hyun Deok and Misako WAKAMIYA Crowned
10/28/2007 Top Seeds Capture Titles
10/27/2007 Age Difference Makes No Difference
10/26/2007 Opening Round Defeat for Number Two Seed
10/25/2007 Press Release: Preview to the World Junior Circuit Finals
10/25/2007 Chinese Book Places
10/25/2007 Press Release No. 2 World Cadet Challenge
10/24/2007 Common Factor
10/23/2007 Timo Boll Paves Way for New Champion
10/21/2007 Hong Kong Pair Prevents Chinese Clean Sweep
10/20/2007 Seeds Fall to Rising Chinese Stars
10/19/2007 Early Exit for Second Seed
10/18/2007 Notable Casualties
10/17/2007 Seeking Improved Form
10/14/2007 Olympic Decision Reversed
10/13/2007 Defending Champion Beaten in Barcelona
10/12/2007 Wang Liqin Makes Intentions Clear
10/11/2007 Chinese Start as Favourites
10/7/2007 Double Success for China in Magdeburg
10/6/2007 Chinese Stars Offer No Charity
10/5/2007 World Champion Beaten but China Unbeaten
10/5/2007 Feminine Clothing about to Conquer Women’s Table Tennis
10/4/2007 China Clear Favourites
9/30/2007 Wang Nan Equals the Record of Zhang Yining
9/29/2007 Reigning Champions Reach Semi-Finals
9/28/2007 World’s Stars Show Their Class
9/28/2007 Most Successful in Search of Gold
7/1/2007 More Titles for Ma Lin and Guo Yue
6/30/2007 China Dominant
6/29/2007 Korean Casualty
6/28/2007 Leading Ladies Progress in Nanjing
6/22/2007 Rising German Star Ousts Olympic Champion
6/17/2007 Oh Sang Eun & Jiang Huajun Crowned Champions
6/16/2007 Finalists Determined
6/15/2007 Russian The Only Casualty
6/14/2007 Shocks in Qualification Stage
5/27/2007 Wang Liqin Stages Outstanding Recovery
5/26/2007 Youngest Ever
5/25/2007 Title Retained
5/24/2007 Romanians Excel
5/23/2007 Wang Chen and Christophe Legout Spring Surprises
5/22/2007 Defeat for Former World Champion
5/21/2007 Englishman’s Finest Hour
5/19/2007 China Favourites to Retain Titles
4/22/2007 Kan Yo Repeats Brazilian Success at Liebherr Chile Open
4/21/2007 Top Seeds Fail to Reach Semi-Final Stage in Santiago
4/21/2007 Third Seeds Depart in Round Two at Liebherr Chile Open
4/19/2007 Top Seeds Safely Through in Under 21 Events in Santiago
4/18/2007 No Major Surprises on Opening Day in Santiago
4/18/2007 Press Release No.1: Hong Kong Star Favourite for Repeat Success
4/15/2007 Tie Yana Adds to ITTF Pro Tour Trophy Collection
4/14/2007 First Time Semi-Finalists
4/14/2007 Sun Bei Bei and Sayaka Hirano End Croatian Hopes in Belo Horizonte
4/13/2007 Portuguese and Brazilian Cause Shocks
4/12/2007 Brazilian Teenager Maintains Composure
4/11/2007 Press Release No. 1 Ni Xia Lian Returns
2/22/2007 Teenagers Strike in Kuwait
2/21/2007 Chinese Teenager Shines
2/20/2007 Lightning Strikes Again
2/19/2007 Opening Day Casualties
2/18/2007 The World's Stars Gather in Kuwait
2/17/2007 Ma Lin Extracts Revenge in Doha
2/16/2007 Zhang Yining Suffers Yet Again
2/15/2007 Sandra Paovic Steals the Show in Doha
2/14/2007 Former ITTF Pro Tour Champion Fails to Qualify
2/13/2007 Highest World Ranked Players Successful
2/12/2007 World Champions in Quest for Hat-Tricks
2/11/2007 Titles for Singapore
2/10/2007 Indian Stars Steal Show in New Delhi
2/7/2007 Singapore Favourites for Titles
1/27/2007 Titles Retained in Velenje
1/26/2007 Olympic Champion Ends World Champion’s Hopes
1/25/2007 Singaporean Sadness
1/24/2007 Progress for the Next Generation in Velenje
1/23/2007 Timea Varga, Jan Urbanek & Hiroshi Kittenberger Cause Surprises
1/22/2007 Slovenian Open Grows and Grows
1/20/2007 First Title For Hao Shuai
1/19/2007 Third Round Sensations at Croatian Open
1/18/2007 Europeans Cause Shocks in Zagreb
1/17/2007 World Stars Withdraw from Croatian Open
1/16/2007 Former Champions Through
1/15/2007 Breath Taking Start to 2007
12/18/2006 Titles for China
12/18/2006 Kenta Matsudaira Prevents Chinese Clean Sweep
12/17/2006 Defending Champion and World Champion, both Beaten
12/16/2006 Defeat for Hong Kong, Success for China
12/14/2006 Ma Lin and Zhang Yining Top Seeds
12/13/2006 China Retain and Regain Titles in Cairo
11/19/2006 Back-to-Back Titles for Timo Boll
11/19/2006 Top Seeds Reach Final in Style
11/18/2006 A Different Story in Warsaw
11/18/2006 Japanese Teenagers in Harmony
11/17/2006 Early Exits for Highly Seeded Players
11/16/2006 Women Upstage the Their Male Counterparts
11/15/2006 Final Places Decided at Liebherr Polish Open
11/12/2006 Timo Boll Thrills the Crowds in Bayreuth
11/12/2006 Top Seeds Through at Liebherr German Open
11/11/2006 Further Seeds Fall in Bayreuth
11/11/2006 Top Seeds Through but Giant Killers Exit
11/10/2006 Table One Spells Doom For Men’s Seeds
11/9/2006 Germany’s Next Generation Makes Progress
11/8/2006 Debutants Raise Eyebrows in Bayreuth
11/7/2006 Venue for the Second Time on ITTF Pro Tour
11/5/2006 Hou Yingchao Wins First ITTF Pro Tour Titles
11/5/2006 Chinese Magician Continues to Mesmerise
11/4/2006 Austrian Tears in St Petersburg
11/4/2006 Tanja Hain-Hofmann Confirms Comeback
11/3/2006 Third and Fourth Seeds Depart in St Petersburg
11/2/2006 Leading Players Safely Through Qualification Stage
11/1/2006 St Petersburg Responds to Large Entry
10/29/2006 Chiang Hung-Chieh Maintains Unbeaten Record
10/29/2006 Ma Lin Champion for Unprecedented Fourth Time
10/28/2006 Top Chinese Stars Reach Penultimate Stage
10/27/2006 Defending Champion Exits on Opening Day
10/26/2006 The First Goal is a Place in the Last Eight
10/26/2006 The First Goal is a Place in the Last Eight at the Liebherr Men’s World Cup in Paris
10/25/2006 World Star Leads Training Camp for Young Hopefuls
10/24/2006 COMING SOON
10/22/2006 Major Titles for Japan at Serbian Open
10/22/2006 According to Seeding in Belgrade
10/21/2006 Local Hero Departs at Quarter-Final Stage
10/21/2006 Hungarian Overpowers Fourth Seed
10/20/2006 Top Seed Exits at First Hurdle
10/19/2006 Russian Teenager Impresses
10/18/2006 High Numbers in Belgrade
10/1/2006 Defending Champion Fails to Retain Title
9/30/2006 Tie Yana Maintains Impressive Form
9/29/2006 European Champion Causes Opening Day Shock
9/28/2006 Olympic & World Champion on Quest for More Gold
9/24/2006 Wang Yue Gu Stages Remarkable Recovery to Win Her First ITTF Pro Tour Title
9/24/2006 Defending Champion Beaten at Semi-Final Stage
9/23/2006 Haruna Fukuoka Maintains Form to Keep Japan’s Hopes Alive
9/23/2006 Guo Yan Remains as Fourth Seed Departs
9/22/2006 Top Men on Track but Leading Ladies Stumble
9/21/2006 The Younger Generation Shines in Yokohama
9/20/2006 Aiming for Hong Kong, the World’s Best Gather in Japan
9/17/2006 World Number One Beaten as German Captures Gold
9/17/2006 World Champions Book Final Places
9/16/2006 Teenager Gives Olympic & World Champion a Real Fright
9/16/2006 Li Ching Ends Ma Lin’s Unbeaten Run
9/15/2006 Seeds Through but the Rising Stars Catch the Eye
9/14/2006 Junior Star Impresses on Opening Day
9/13/2006 World Titles but Qualification is the Order of the Day at the Panasonic China Open
9/12/2006 Volkswagen 2006 China versus World All Stars
9/10/2006 New Record Set on ITTF Pro Tour
9/10/2006 End of the Road for Young Pretenders
9/9/2006 Chinese Teenager Reaches New Heights
9/9/2006 World Champion Falls To Junior Star
9/8/2006 Clash of Styles Causes Downfall of Seeds in Singapore
9/7/2006 The Sun Shines on Commonwealth Games Champion
7/2/2006 Samsonov the Champion, Gardos the Hero
7/2/2006 Reiko Hiura Upsets the Odds to Reach Final in Santiago
7/1/2006 Men’s Singles Title Retained but in the Women’s Singles a New Name Appears on the Roll of Honour
7/1/2006 Shock Second Round Exit for Third Seed in Santiago
6/30/2006 Portuguese Teenager Maintains his Form in Santiago
6/29/2006 The Superb Santiago Arena Hosts ITTF Pro Tour Tournament in Chile
6/28/2006 Traditional Countries Take Team Titles but the Pacific Islands Look Set to Challenge
6/25/2006 New Champions Crowned in Brazil
6/25/2006 Teenagers Underline Growing Strength of Men’s Table Tennis in Korea
6/24/2006 Argentinian Outs Top Seed at Brazil Open
6/24/2006 More Seeds Make Premature Exit in Brazil
6/24/2006 Shocks Abound in São Paulo at Brazilian Open
6/22/2006 A Welcome Return for Laurie Phai Pang
6/22/2006 Playing at a Different Level for Paraguayan Teenager
6/21/2006 Frenchman Seeking To Go One Step Higher
6/18/2006 Ma Lin in Scintillating Form in Kunshan
6/18/2006 Olympic Champion Defeated by Predecesor
6/17/2006 China Dominant in Kunshan
6/17/2006 Gold Medallists Exit in Round Three
6/16/2006 Japanese Teenager Causes the Sensation of the Year
6/15/2006 Opening Day Disappointments for Korea
6/14/2006 World Champions Head Seedings in Kunshan
6/11/2006 Oh Sang Eun Wins Dramatic Final
6/11/2006 Frenchman in ITTF Pro Tour Final Again
6/10/2006 Injured but Wang Yue Gu Beats Top Seed
6/10/2006 A Morning Russia Will Want to Forget
6/9/2006 Perfect Birthday Present For Jun Mizutani
6/8/2006 Fourteen Year Old Beats World Championships Bronze Medallist in Taipei
6/7/2006 Olympic Champion on Duty
6/4/2006 Victory for the Art of Defence
5/29/2006 Defending Champions Seeking To Repeat Former ITTF Pro Tour Triumphs
5/1/2006 China Retains Men's Title in Style
4/30/2006 History Made in Bremen
4/29/2006 ITTF Intoduces Equal Prize Money for Men & Women
4/29/2006 ITTF Membership Hits 202 in 2006
4/27/2006 Yokohama Wins Bid for the 2009 World Table Tennis Championships
4/27/2006 ETTU Decides to Stage European Championships every year from 2008
4/25/2006 Mixed Fortunes For Hosts as France Spring Major Surprise
4/23/2006 Eloi Reponds in Hour of Need
4/22/2006 Spell-Binding Exhibition in Bremen
4/20/2006 Table Tennis for All in Bremen
4/18/2006 World Record Attempt
4/12/2006 Date Confirmed For Austria v China Contest
4/11/2006 Unprecedented Moves by China & Korea
4/7/2006 A Truly Global Event
4/4/2006 A Chance To Monitor German Preparations
2/20/2006 World Champions Seek Repeat Success
2/17/2006 World Champions Retain Titles
2/12/2006 World Champions – Top Seeds
1/28/2006 Silver Not Gold For Olympic Champion
1/28/2006 Mixed Fortunes For Olympic Champions
1/27/2006 Defending Champion Through To Semis
1/27/2006 Olympic Champion Survives
1/26/2006 Defeat For Third Seed
1/26/2006 Local Hero Beaten
1/25/2006 Blessing In Disguise
1/24/2006 Top Seed Withdraws
1/23/2006 Can Swede Halt Sweden?
1/23/2006 Under Pressure
1/22/2006 Titles For Top Seeds
1/22/2006 Defending Champion Defeated
1/21/2006 Slovakian Gives Star Performance
1/21/2006 Chinese Show Their Class
1/20/2006 Croatian Crashes
1/20/2006 Fourth Seed Departs
1/20/2006 Illness Forces Withdrawal
1/18/2006 Unscathed
1/17/2006 Higher Status
12/17/2005 Champions Crowned
12/15/2005 Full House of Major Titles
12/14/2005 Medal Assured
12/13/2005 Japan Ends China’s Monopoly
12/11/2005 A Series Of Firsts
12/11/2005 History In Fuzhou
12/10/2005 Progress Continues
12/10/2005 Scintillating
12/10/2005 Top Seed Defeated
11/20/2005 Seeding Justified
11/20/2005 European Final
11/19/2005 Success At The Third Attempt
11/19/2005 Mission Accomplished
11/18/2005 Saving The Best Until Last
11/18/2005 First Success
11/17/2005 Qualification Secured
11/17/2005 A Swede In Need
11/13/2005 Sporting Gesture
11/13/2005 Not Germany’s Day
11/12/2005 Germany’s Day
11/12/2005 Qualifier Defeats Olympic Champion
11/11/2005 German Star Excels On Home Soil
11/11/2005 Maximum Concentration
11/11/2005 Impressive Iberians
11/9/2005 Largest Entry Ever
11/6/2005 Hungary For Gold
11/5/2005 Progress Continues
11/5/2005 Uncharted Waters
11/4/2005 Austrian Anxiety
11/4/2005 A Happy Return
11/3/2005 Record In Danger
10/30/2005 Junior Titles For Japan & Romania
10/30/2005 Europeans in the Ascendancy
10/23/2005 Best Ever
10/23/2005 German Progress Continues
10/22/2005 Defeat For World Champion
10/22/2005 Quarter-Finalists Known
10/21/2005 Three Places Reserved
9/24/2005 A Point To Prove
9/24/2005 Scare For Olympic Champion
9/23/2005 Unbeaten Run Ends As Croatians Conquer
9/22/2005 Chinese Teenagers Impress
9/21/2005 World Champions Top Seeds
9/18/2005 A Familiar Name & A New Name
9/18/2005 Seventeen Year Olds Contest Final
9/17/2005 Teenager Triumphs Again
9/16/2005 Defeat For Second Seed
9/16/2005 Impressive Young Men
9/15/2005 Two Major Casualties
9/14/2005 Olympic & World Champion Returns
9/11/2005 The Stamp Of Authority
9/11/2005 First Final
9/10/2005 Impressive Korean
9/10/2005 Seeds Fall
9/9/2005 Chinese Girls Show Their Class
9/9/2005 Top Seed Survives But Only Just
9/8/2005 Places Reserved
9/7/2005 World Champion Top Seed
7/11/2005 Title Retained
7/10/2005 Defending Champion On Course
7/10/2005 Repeat Contest
7/9/2005 Hong Kong Versus Singapore
7/9/2005 Shocks Abound
7/8/2005 Tough Day For Hosts
7/8/2005 Title Defence
7/3/2005 More Titles For Koreans
7/3/2005 Third Final
7/2/2005 Koreans In The Ascendancy
7/2/2005 Top Seed Departs
7/1/2005 Seeds Fall
7/1/2005 Point To Prove
6/26/2005 Second ITTF Pro Tour Title Of The Year
6/26/2005 First Title
6/25/2005 One Step Nearer
6/25/2005 Croatian Progress Halted
6/24/2005 Top Seed Falls At First Hurdle
6/24/2005 Brazilian Women Outshine Male Counterparts
6/22/2005 Europe Provides Top Seeds
6/19/2005 Bridesmaid Again
6/19/2005 Top Two Seeds Defeated
6/18/2005 Same Pedigree, Different Nationality
6/18/2005 Seeds Fall In Women’s Singles
6/17/2005 Disappointment For Hosts
6/16/2005 Back To Earth
6/15/2005 Korean Favourite
6/12/2005 Edge Of The Seats
6/12/2005 Success Continues For Young Korean
6/11/2005 Koreans In Control
6/11/2005 Top Seeds Assert Authority
6/10/2005 Seeds Fall In Women’s Singles
6/9/2005 Eye Catching
6/8/2005 Olympic Champion Top Seed
5/8/2005 World Champions Retain Top Rankings
5/6/2005 Top Seeds Take Titles
5/6/2005 Danish Dreams Over
5/5/2005 Olympic & World Champion
5/5/2005 Amazing Even For Hans Christian Andersen
5/4/2005 First Title decided
5/4/2005 Germans Defeat Olympic Champions
5/3/2005 World & European Champions Defeated
5/3/2005 Chinese Pairs Reach Semis
5/2/2005 Olympic & World Champions Beaten
5/2/2005 Chinese Stars On Course
5/1/2005 Press Release: New Executive Committee
4/28/2005 Press Release: Home Favourites
8/23/2004 Press Release No. 17
8/22/2004 Press Release No. 16
8/21/2004 Press Release No. 15
8/20/2004 Press Release No. 14
8/20/2004 Press Release No. 13
8/19/2004 Press Release No. 12
8/19/2004 Press Release No. 11
8/18/2004 Press Release No. 10
8/18/2004 Press Release No. 9
8/17/2004 Press Release No. 8
8/17/2004 Press Release No. 7
8/16/2004 Press Release No. 6