Ian Marshall, Editor of Table Tennis Illustrated
Unbeatable Combination

The combination of a left handed shakehands grip attacking player and a right handed penhold grip player proved too great for Singapore’s SUN Bei Bei and WANG Yue Gu in the final of the Women’s Doubles event at the TMS Chinese Taipei Open on Sunday 19th June 2005.

SHEN Yanfei & GAO Jun, Women's Doubles champions

They lost in five games to the hitherto untried partnership of GAO Jun and SHEN Yanfei.

It was the control exerted by GAO Jun, arguably one of the best ever Women’s Doubles players, who made the openings for SHEN Yanfei to exploit; short touched returns, flicked returns, exploiting the angles never letting the opponents settle into a rhythm.

Equally, SHEN Yanfei played her part; short pimples on the forehand, reversed rubber on the backhand, she made the most of the opportunities afforded, often attacking quickly wide to the forehand of the Singapore right handers.

Matter of Time
Trailing by three games to one and 1-5 down in the fifth, the Singapore pair elected for a `Time Out’; however, there was no stay of execution. The score moved to 7-4, then 8-4 in the favour of the United States of America and Spanish combination; staying close the table, giving their opponents minimal chance to respond it was only a matter of time.

Match point at 10-6, a long rally, no charity and won by GAO Jun and SHEN Yanfei; it was yet another Women’s Doubles title for GAO Jun and with SHEN Yanfei the duo could boast a proud record. They have never as a pair been beaten.

GAO Jun/SHEN Yanfei (USA/ESP) bt SUN Bei Bei/WANG Yue Gu (SIN) 11-7, 12-10, 11-6, 4-11, 11-6
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