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New Names

New names appeared on the role of honour in doubles events on the ITTF Pro Tour on Sunday 12th June 2004 when, at the Volkswagen Open Korea; Singapore’s TAN Paey Fern and ZHANG Xueling won the Women’s Doubles and the host nation’s pairing of LEE Jung Woo and RYU Seung Min clinched gold in the Men’s Doubles.

Both finals were contested between players from the same national table tennis association with TAN Paey Fern and ZHANG Xueling beating their compatriots WANG Yue Gu and SUN Bei Bei in six games whilst, in straight games, LEE Jung Woo and RYU Seung Min, overcame JO Ji Hoon and KIM Tae Hoon.
TAN Paey Fern & ZHANG Xueling, Women's Doubles champions
“She chopped the ball very heavily”, said ZHANG Xueling after their victory. The heavy backspin play from the backhand of TAN Paey Fern did force errors from their opponents and stopped them playing fast topspins; however, ZHANG Xueling’s ability to block the ball when either SUN Bei Bei or WANG Yue Gu played a forehand topspin was vital. She created angles, forced weak returns and TAN Paey Fern was able to play her forehand topspin to maintain the pressure on their opponents.

“I think they were more nervous than us”, added TAN Paey Fern. “They are used to our style of play and they started as favourites.” Maybe so, be the defender and the attacker played tremendously well and the variety of strokes they executed prevented their opponents establishing a good rhythm to their play.

No errors
In the sixth game, TAN Paey Fern and ZHANG Xueling led 3-2; from that point onwards they virtually eliminated the errors and moved to 7-2 before eventually securing victory 11-5.

“Great, tremendous”, said a delighted ZHANG Xueling. “At last we’ve won on the ITTF Pro Tour.”

TAN Paey Fern and ZHANG Xueling won 9-11, 11-6, 12-10, 6-11, 11-5, 11-5

Totally Dominant
Meanwhile, the Men’s Doubles final was a very one sided contest, the combination of a right and left hander, both with ferocious forehand topspins and both penholders dominated proceedings.

Close to the net, over the table LEE Jung Woo and RYU Seung Min were the masters, in top spin rallies they were predominant and when forced back from the table they lobbed the ball high over the net and entertained the crowd in exhibition style.

They moved quickly, combined well, took the initiative and showed no mercy towards their compatriots; however, at the end of proceedings it was smiles all round; for JO Ji Hoon and KIM Tae Hoon it was a great success just being in the final and that alone may well boost their confidence and give them encouragement to strive for greater heights.

LEE Jung Woo and RYU Seung Min won 11-7, 11-8, 11-4, 11-5

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