F03-Umpire Coin Toss (long)
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  • Umpire pre match procedure-Coin Toss: When all players arrive to table, the umpire begins pre match procedure.
  • Umpire action:
    1. Inspect the rackets.
    2. Toss for serve, receive or choice of ends.
    3. Ask the winner of the toss to make the first selection.
    4. Ask the loser of the toss to make the remaining selection.
    5. Provide the game ball.
    6. Start the clock and time the warm-up period.
    7. Update the match card with the first server and starting end as well as first receiver in doubles.
    8. If required by the Referee, 30 seconds before the end of the warm up period, begin pre match announcements.
    9. Start the match on time.
    Consult the ITTF handbook for match officials for more detailed description of umpire pre match procedures.

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